Show Your Own involves the theatrical depiction of manic-depressive behavior and the evolution of a screenplay portraying a manic episode in a period of mid-life despondency. 

In the opinion of the psychiatrists whose comments follow, the author humorously and realistically describes thought, speech, and emotion, and he captures an infectious mania in a book that is entertaining and fun to read.  Two English professors are equally generous in their assessment of the work’s dialogue and atypical structure.  Read Reviews

Show Your Own provides an insider’s view of manic-depression and a law teacher’s take on legal education.  It also delivers the measure of scatology promised on the volume’s front cover. Further, the book recounts the good-natured banter involved in a collaborative effort to revise the screenplay, and this conversation develops the central character as it describes the process through which his script was written.
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“It is rare that the jaded and wordly-wise editors of the Tiger find anything worthy of praise; to us, mockery is second nature, and the mot juste is usually a four-letter word. In this case, though, we can barely restrain ourselves from adulation. Show Your Own is a work of such brilliance that the reader is well-advised to wear sunglasses.”   – Princeton Tiger Magazine September 2003 (Full Review)

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